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Blogging from the iPad

Blogging from the iPad

Some apps mentioned in this post that are for text nerds:

  • Drafts
  • Byword
  • iA Writer
  • Editorial
  • Workflow

I recently bought Fredrico Viticci’s Writing on the iPad: Text Automation with Editorial and have been using it to learn about text automation on the iPad. My iPad 2 is very old and slow, however this app still works just fine, and when I use markdown and my iPad 2 keyboard, it feels very fast. Perhaps I’ve found a nice use for my iPad 2 finally. Anyhow, back to the book, it’s really a lot of fun because I’m learning both iOS workflow automation and Python all at the same time. There’s no telling what can be done.

I’ve also been playing with [Workflow](https://workflow.is/ “Workflow Powerful automation made simple.”), the new iOS automation app that hooks up various apps together.