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Forced Vacation Day 2

I’m dealing with a couple tech issues that I’d like to fix this week:

  1. Carousel is not saving space on my iPhone right now. It’s supposed to have a feature that allows me to save space by analyzing what is has archived on Dropbox and then delete the saved photos from my camera roll. After several or undos with Dropbox tech support, they have advised me to leave the process running for a few hours. So that’s what I’m doing right now.
  2. Organize my cloud storage. I’m on a free trial of expansive which allows me to mount all my cloud storage services locally on my Mac. So far I’m trying to move some items from Dropbox to Google Drive to save some of my Dropbox storage. Later I might selectively sync only specific folders locally to my MacBook Air because I want to keep the drive relatively free.
  3. Clean up my computer. I’ve got several versions of Python, Perl, Docker, Ruby and God knows what else – multiple Postgres servers and LAMP stacks. I honestly can’t remember everything I’ve added and I now want to clean things up. I want to have a pretty pristine machine that works well and doesn’t get bogged down (not that my computer is all that slow).