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My Morning at Toyota San Diego

This morning is the first day of my forced vacation from my company. Yes they are forcing me to take a day off. That’s good because I probably wouldn’t have taken much time off unless I was forced too. I actually want to save up my PTO for some sort of trip to Las Vegas or Hawaii. Anyhow, I am due for my 30K Toyota Prius C maintance, so I decided to stop by Toyota San Diego to get all the maintance due. It will set me back about 300 bucks because my maintance plan just ran out a few months ago, and I didn’t want to do the extended warranty. Besides all the air filters, brake inspection, oil change, and other stuff they need to do, I had 1 request–Please update my enTune nav system because I’m not receiving text messages on my nav display. It works for Android phones (I think), but not on a iPhone 6 running iOS8. Or so I though. A friend of mine got a new Prius (not a C) and his iPhone 6 displays text messages just fine. When we compared versions of our enTune (Toyota Software) it showed that his version was much newer than mine. When I wrote Toyota tech support about my enTune system they said I should bring it into a dealership and they would upgrade me to the latest version. So I asked Toyota to upgrade me and the dude seemed really confused. He said that I should be able to do it from the iPhone App. I saw no way to do this myself. Last time I did an enTune software upgrade, Toyota sent me a USB drive with an update to run myself. They should allow customers to upgrade from their phones, however that’s not how it works. What’s more after I pressed him and told him that Toyota had told me to bring the car into the dealership for the upgrade, he said they don’t normally do that and he would do me a favor by looking into it for me. Gee thanks. So I went to sit in the lobby. I’d brought my iPad along (in addition to the iPhone 6) because I was honestly looking forward to spending some quality time with myself drinking coffee and writing in the lobby with the iPad and the Logitech keyboard I have for this device. Once I got comfy, he came back and asked for my iPhone. What?! You want my iPhone? Why? He said that since it had the entune software on it he needed it to upgrade.They finally upgraded the nav package but text messaging still didn’t work. Maybe I need to reboot my phone.

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text messages don't work