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Surfing & writing In byword On Ipad

http://bettermess.com/plain-text-primer-nvalt–101/ link I found surfing tonight.

The ipad and the iphone have got to be the greatest invention ever. my wife is sleeping next to me as i write this in bed. it will require some cleanup later. things to investigate

  • why doesnt byword auto capetilize?
  • should i change to move all my text files to dropbox?
  • should i upgrade to a 1TB dropbox account?
  • what other tricks on byword for ipad exist that i dont know about?
  • should i try using notationAl velocity?

Ah ha!

well i found a row of keys that show up on top of the ipad keyboard now that allow me to add links. here’s a test of code

print "hi"

this is a block quote. isnt this amazing?

Ok. Finally I noticed that there was a preference in byword for auto capitalization and spell check. Now, finally I can type much faster because I have come to rely on the messy typing that happens when my keys aren’t perfectly on the keyboard. Whenever I try to type without spellcheck or autocapitalization it’s a train wreck.